Patent Services

We can help you …

  • Understand Patents.
  • File Patents with the US Government.
  • Protect you from others misusing your ideas and inventions.
  • Save you from unnecessary work and fees by giving sound advice concerning whether or not to formally apply for patent protection.

Our Patent Law services address the protection of Intellectual Property through the use of US and International Patent Laws. Typically, this involves patentability searches and the filing of patent applications with the goal being to get a patent issued to protect inventions from infringement for a period of years. John Brooks Law LLC is able to help inventors through this process which should start from your idea, continue through your building of the models, filing the applications and even continue through the ongoing payment of maintenance fees during the life of the patent. Throughout the process, it is important that inventors understand the necessary steps and pitfalls to ensure they maximize the protection of their ideas and inventions.