Copyright and Trademark Services

We can help you …

  • Understand Trademarks and Copyrights.
  • File for Trademark protection with the US Patent and Trademark Office.
  • File works for Copyright protection with the US Copyright Office.
  • Protect you from others misusing your trademarks and copyrighted work.
  • Save you from unnecessary work and fees by given sound advice concerning whether or not to formally apply for trademark or copyright protection.

Trademark Law services address the protection of trademarks through the use of US Trademark Laws. Typically, this involves trademark searches and registration of trademarks with the goal being to protect your market and customers from being confused by competing products.

A trademark generally consists of words or symbols that are so closely associated with a product that they identify and distinguish it from other products in the marketplace. Most people recognize Brand Names as an example of a trademark.

Our Copyright Law services address the protection of artistic works through the use of US Copyright Law. Typically this involves registering works with the US Copyright Office to ensure you adequately protect those works.

A work subject to copyright generally consists of an artistic work fixed into any medium. Books, music recordings and pictures are examples of works that are protected using copyright laws.